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About Aetion

Our Story

Aetion was founded in 2013 by Harvard Medical School faculty members Sebastian Schneeweiss and Jeremy A. Rassen and big data technologist Allon Rauer.  We were founded on a simple truth: the need for essential evidence to support value-based healthcare was scaling far faster than existing mechanisms could generate it.  Building upon decades of experience in epidemiology, health outcomes research, computer science and information technology, the founding team quickly joined forces with leaders in financial services technology to create the industry's most robust science and analytics platform.  We launched the Aetion Evidence Platform in 2015.  Today, our product is used worldwide to create essential evidence from real-world data, helping us to achieve our goals of improving the health of both patients and the healthcare system.

Our Name

We are often asked two questions: how do you say your name, and where did the name come from?  "Aetion" is three syllables: "eh-tee-ahn".  Our name is adapted from the Greek word for causality — the same root as (a)etiology — showing our deep roots in the science of using real-world data to make causal conclusions.

Our Investors

Flare Capital Partners is a team of proven healthcare technology venture capital investors known for their unparalleled strategic industry resources, insight and total commitment to the success of its entrepreneurs. Flare Capital raised one of the healthcare industry’s largest dedicated venture capital funds focused exclusively on early stage and emerging growth investments in healthcare technology innovation and is privileged to closely partner with founders and management. Selected investments include Aetion, Bright Health, Circulation, ClearDATA, Evolent Health, HealthReveal, HealthVerity, Iora Health and Welltok.

Lakestar is a global venture capital firm, investing in internet and technology companies worldwide, with offices in London, Berlin, Zurich and New York. Selected investments include Spotify, Opendoor, Facebook, Airbnb, SOFI,, Klarna, Skype, Oscar Healthcare, Harry’s Shaving, Maker Studios, Algomi, and Teralytics, as well as many earlier stage companies in the US and Europe. Lakestar maintains an entrepreneur-centric approach, enabling stellar management teams to accomplish their full potential.