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Better decisions guided by real-world evidence.

Aetion Evidence Platform® focuses on patient outcomes because that’s what matters in a value-based system. By using real-world data generated by the health care system and analyses grounded in epidemiology, we enable you to make validated decisions at every phase of commercialization and across the risk-bearing continuum. Because a new era of health care relies on transparent, shared, and validated evidence.

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Backed by science

Evidence is only as good as the confidence it instills among all stakeholders. That’s why Aetion Evidence Platform produces real-world evidence that both meets and defines the industry standards. Our ongoing FDA collaborations rely on Aetion’s technology to validate applications of real-world data and to modernize regulatory guidelines. Aetion Evidence Platform has been scientifically validated to ensure transparency and accuracy.

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Data-fluent and data-connected

Working with data sets from different sources isn’t a problem for us. Neither is identifying fit-for-purpose data sets through our global network of partners. Aetion Real-World Evidence Platform works with claims, electronic health records, registries, and clinical trial data—with or without a common data model. And it can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or via a hybrid data network.

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Regulatory-grade analytics at speed

Aetion’s rapid-cycle analytics™ enables evidence generation in days instead of months or years. This empowers our life sciences customers to increase productivity while maintaining the highest levels of scientific rigor. And it allows payers to pinpoint the value of treatments, fine-tune risk stratification, and manage costs.

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What we offer

What we offer

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For life sciences

Our platform enables manufacturers to transform large and disparate data sets into the real-world evidence needed to bring treatments to market faster — and to partner with payers to enter value-based contracts built on shared, trusted evidence. With speed and accuracy of our platform, Aetion clients increase productivity 20x while maintaining the highest levels of scientific quality and transparency.

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For payers

As health care shifts to a value-based system, our solutions enable payers to determine effective treatments for specific patient populations and to measure impact (in outcomes, utilization, and cost)—all with the transparency and speed required for value-based contracts.

Real-Time Insights & Evidence

A COVID-ready solution powered by Aetion and HealthVerity

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