Aetion Evidence Platform

We deliver the trusted, transparent science needed for value-based care.


Evidence becomes valuable when it is trusted by every player in the ecosystem. That's why the Aetion Evidence Platform is not a black box. Aetion analyses are fully transparent, have each been scientifically validated by third parties, and are tested against standards set by FDA and other regulatory and advisory bodies.

Any Data,

The Aetion Evidence Platform works with all healthcare data — including claims, electronic health records, registries, and clinical trials — wherever the data is located. The Platform can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid data network, and can be used with or without a common data model (CDM).


Aetion offers the fastest longitudinal data analytics in the marketplace. Our analytic workflows, innovative storage and indexing technology, parallelization, and automated reporting allow users to reduce “time to evidence” from months to less than a day. Using rapid-cycle analytics, analyses are quickly updated to reflect the latest data.