Payer Solutions

Our solutions enable design, implementation and measurement of value-based innovations.

Value-Based Care

New value-based incentives and the growing availability of real-world healthcare data is accelerating the movement towards value-based care. The Aetion Evidence Platform helps payers rapidly determine what treatments and medical interventions are effective, powers their ability to measure value, and provides the underpinnings for value-based contracts.

Advanced Risk

Value-based care rests on the ability to measure impact – changes in health outcomes, utilization and cost – on a fully risk-adjusted basis. The Aetion Evidence Platform provides the transparent analytic methods and real-time evidence that allow payers to generate risk-adjusted insights and to fully quantify and communicate the value in their populations.

Trust &

Deep collaboration among parties in the healthcare ecosystem only materializes when interactions are grounded in shared trust in evidence. The Aetion platform brings transparency to the measurement of value, allowing payers to connect with life science companies and provider organizations in innovative, data-driven ways.