Life Sciences Solutions

Our solutions enable manufacturers to scale their real-world evidence capabilities and engage with payers.

RWE at

Life science companies can now confidently scale their internal real-world evidence (RWE) capabilities using proprietary or licensed data assets. With bottlenecks on medically-trained data scientists and application run-time eliminated, Aetion clients experience 20x productivity improvements, while maintaining the highest levels of scientific quality and transparency.


Aetion provides life science companies with a complete solution for collaborative analytics and payer engagement. Building upon the essential evidence generated with the Aetion Evidence Platform, Aetion customers work with payers in a transparent, data-driven environment to enable value-based dialog and contracting.


Our platform enables manufacturers to support 1:1 or multi-party interactions with regulators in the US, Europe and other regions, including rapid regulatory response and single- and multi-database PASS studies.