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Welcome to the Evidence Hub, a curated, data-driven source of insights and best practices in the science and applications of real-world evidence. Explore (and sign up for our monthly newsletter) to keep pace with the rapidly evolving field as it helps move health care forward.

What we're thinking

Tap into perspectives and best practices in real-world evidence from scientific and industry leaders engaged in treatment development, commercialization, and payment innovation.
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What we're reading

As real-world data becomes a validated tool driving the shift to outcomes-based health care, we’re all teachers and learners on this journey. We’ve asked our experts and partners to recommend their sources of essential information about real-world evidence from foundational to leading-edge required reading. Start and extend your own discovery process here.
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Go deeper

Take a deep dive into methods and innovations in working with real-world data. Learn how key issues are identified and solved by investigators as they implement analyses that facilitate regulatory review, including validity, transparency, and reproducibility of real-world evidence.
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