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A new era in health care begins with insights that lead to better, evidence-based decisions. As Aetion works with leading health care organizations to move the industry forward, we invite technologists, scientists, strategists, and health care transformation enthusiasts of all types to join the A - Team.

Come work with mission-driven colleagues in an inclusive, creative culture. While a fast-growing company, we still take time for continuous learning and frequent team-building events.

A-Team values

Our A-Team owns our company and our culture. We prize diversity of thought and expertise among our coworkers—and  we’re always looking for amazing people to help us do and be more.

Intellectually humble, quirky and curious, we are drawn to fascinating complexity and straightforward solutions. If you agree, let’s talk. We’re hiring people, across our offices and disciplines, who care as deeply about how we work together as the work itself.

Our operating instructions:

Lead at all levels

  • We embrace our role as leaders. We don’t hide behind titles.
  • Each of us, every day, gives to our company and culture.
  • We lead best when we inspire leadership in others.
  • Our words and actions further trust, respect and goodwill.
  • We’re not afraid to be optimistic.

Lifelong students

  • We constantly seek to learn, know, and do more.
  • We’re more excited to show our desire to learn than to impress our knowledge.
  • We create space to listen. We listen to create space.
  • We’re in the driver’s seat of our own development.
  • We sometimes fail, but we don’t waste the failure.

Eclectic collective

  • We’re safe to be our authentic selves.
  • We cultivate inspired ideas and relationships.
  • We’re silly for serious work.
  • We look beyond “people like me” and “not invented here.”
  • Science shows us the way: impact and innovation demand diversity of thought.

Facts not flash

  • We show substance. We avoid showiness.
  • We pursue what’s true.
  • We don’t succeed on our own. We prevail through a far-reaching set of data and perspectives.
  • We’re confident in contribution that speaks for itself.
  • We’re eager to have our worldview challenged.


  • We practice generosity. We strive to understand — and adjust — our default setting.
  • We easily give of our time and expertise. We eagerly share credit and information.
  • We plan for success. The course we chart matters as much as where we land.
  • We dive deep, stay connected to the details, and do the hard work of thinking.
  • We make it easier for the next person.

Own it

  • We accept the profound responsibility inherent in creating products that impact health care.
  • We’re business owners. We act like it.
  • We think big-picture and long-term. We move with focus and immediacy.
  • Quality counts. But our ultimate measure is impact, not perfection.
  • We don’t delay. A decision not made is still a decision.

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