Essential Evidence for Healthcare

Essential Evidence
for Value-Based Care

The Aetion Evidence Platform™ generates the real-world evidence needed by healthcare decision makers to engage in value-based care. 


Evidence is the currency of healthcare, and is essential to decision-making across the healthcare ecosystem. The shift to value has driven an ever-increasing demand for evidence, but the solutions for evidence generation haven't scaled. Aetion provides essential evidence to healthcare decision-makers at the granularity, recency and regularity they require.

Scalable Real-World Data Science

Aetion enables healthcare organizations to deliver highly specific evidence continuously and at scale. The Aetion Evidence Platform™  combines best-of-breed science with leading-edge computing technology to unlock risk-adjusted evidence from real-world data. With its patented rapid-cycle analytics™ technology, Aetion is shifting the paradigm for real-world evidence-based solutions. 

Transformative collaboration

Aetion's solutions are redefining how decision makers in healthcare work together to leverage real-world data. The Aetion Evidence Platform generates real-world evidence on effectiveness, safety and value at the granularity necessary to assess the expected and realized value of treatments, and at the speed necessary to facilitate real-time collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.